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Hospice is designed to provide comfort and support to patients, families, and caregivers during the final stages of life. Our goal is to enable patients and families to achieve the highest quality of life possible and make the most of each day.

A terminal prognosis must be diagnosed by a medical doctor with the expectation that if the disease runs its normal course the patient will have approximately 6 months or less to live.

Hospice Services

  • Nursing
  • Certified Hospice Aides
  • Social Worker
  • Chaplain
  • Volunteer Services
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Prescriptions related to the terminal illness
  • Bereavement and Grief Services
  • Physician Services

Medicare and often private insurance will cover hospice services.
As a not-for-profit hospice provider we can provide care anywhere you call "home".

Please Contact Us at 405-767-9033 to discuss our end-of-life care services.
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